As a small, community-based nonprofit, Jouyssance and the Foundation of the Neo-Renaissance depend on contributions from our community in order to fulfill our mission to present pre-1700 music from around the world in historically informed performances that inspire, entertain, and educate Southern California communities. 

Every dollar that we receive is essential to our organization.

$25 can fund music preparation for one singer for a concert.
$100 can fund venue rental for a dress rehearsal.
$250 can fund distribution of flyers and postcards so that we can introduce new audiences to early music.
$500 can fund a guest instrumentalist for a concert.
$1000 can fund staff time for developing our upcoming school-based educational outreach.
$2500 can fund a free outreach concert.
And much, much more!

Don't want to donate online?  Just mail us a check made payable to The Foundation of the Neo-Renaissance at the mailing address below and make sure to include your phone number or e-mail so that we can follow up with any issues or questions.

Many employers match charitable contributions from their employees!  Check with your HR department to see if you can take advantage of a matching benefit!