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Gaude virgo mater Christi (Josquin)


Gaude virgo mater Christi

quae per aurem concepisti

Gabriele nuntio.


Gaude quia Deo plena

peperisti sine poena

cum pudoris lilio.


Gaude quia tui nati

quem dolebas mortem pati

fulget resurrectio.


Gaude Christo ascendente

et in coelum te vidente

motu fertur proprio.


Gaude quae post ipsum scandis

et est honor tibi grandis

in coeli palatio.


Ubi fructus ventris tui

nobis detur per te frui

in perenni gaudio.  Alleluia.


Rejoice, virgin, Mother of Christ,

who conceived through your ear

by the messenger Gabriel.


Rejoice, for filled by God,

you gave birth without pain

retaining the lily of modesty.


Rejoice, for your son,

whose death you mourned,

shines in the resurrection.


Rejoice, for as Christ ascends,

and sees you in heaven,

he is borne of his own accord.


Rejoice, you who ascend after him,

for there is great honor for you

in the palace of heaven.


May the fruit of your womb,

through you, be given

in everlasting joy.  Hallelujah.



Orienti oriens (anonymous, St. Martial school)


Orienti oriens

Stella nova claruit

Et Jacob egrediens

Lucifer emicuit

Balaam presagiens

Ut olim edocuit.


Auctor secli nascitur

Seculorum vespere

Ac magis agnoscitur

Artifex in opere

Adorandus creditur

Unus trino munere.


In ture divinitas

In auro dominum

In murra mortalitas

Et carnis supplicium

Et hec tria caritas

Offerat fidelium.


O rising from the east

A new star has shone;

And Jacob departing,

Lucifer has sprung forth,

Balaam foreshadowing,

As once he taught.


The Author of the age is born

In the evening of the ages;

Yet better is known

The Maker in the work.

It is believed the One in Three

Must be adored with tribute.


In incense, divinity;

In gold, kingship;

In myrrh, mortality,

and suffering of the flesh.

And the charity of the faithful

Offers these three.



Κοντάκιον των  Θεοφανείων

Kontakion for Theophany (Byzantine chant)



Επεφάνης σήμερον τη οικουμένη, και το φως σου Κύριε,

εσημειώθη εφ’ ημας, εν επιγνώσει υμνουντας σε·

Ηλθες εφάνης το φως το απρόςιτον.


Epephanês sêmeron tê oikoumenê, kai to phôs sou Kyrie,

esmeiôthê eph’ hêmas, en epignôsei hymnountas se:

Êlthes ephanês to phôs to aprositon.


Today you have appeared to the inhabited world, and your light, O Lord,

has been signed upon us, who with knowledge sing your praise:

You have come, you have appeared, the unapproachable Light.



Propter nimiam caritatem (Dufay)


Propter nimiam caritatem suam,

qua dilexit nos deus filium suum misit

in similitudinem carnis peccati, alleluia.


On account of his overabundant love

wherewith he loved us, God sent his Son

in the likeness of sinful flesh, hallelujah.



Gaude virgo salutata (Dunstable)


Gaude virgo salutata angelico relatu,

mox es gravida libera omni reatu;

in te deitas humanata celesti flatu,

virgo manens illibata re et cogitatu.

Quod mirum si paveas, dum conceptus pandit

quanto magis caveas, cum ad partum scandit.

Dum virgo permaneas, mens hec verba pandit;

dicens "ne timeas," te mulcendo blandit.

Nondum contentaris, cum dicit parituram:

quomodo miraris fietque curam,

nescisse virum flaris, sed semper esse puram,

credo, quod miraris, mutasse naturam.

Angelus: concipies de superis celestem

Deum et tu paries filium terrestrem.

In te non est caries, natum habes testem

leviatam insanies, hic fert tibi pestem.


Rejoice Virgin, greeted by angelic message,

soon you are with child, free of every transgression;

in you divine nature is made human with heavenly breath,

remaining an undefiled virgin in deed and thought.

Fearing so wonderful a thing, when conception is revealed,

how much greater will be your care when it comes to the birth.

While you remain a virgin, these words are revealed to you:

saying "be not afraid," he soothes you gently,

but not as the message is brought to you saying you are about to give birth:

how you wonder at this duty, and it will come to pass,

you are said not to have known a man, but you are also pure,

I believe, because you wonder that you have changed nature.

The Angel said "You will conceive the Heavenly God

and you will give birth to an earthly son."

In you is no blemish, you have a born witness.

Rage, Leviathan, for this will bring destruction to you.



Gaude virgo singularis, mater nostri salvatoris,

radix vite popularis, germen novi floris.

Ex te sumpsit hinc tu paris ampullam liquoris

que virtute aquas maris tenes stilla roris.

Dic, quo verbo concepisti, angeli vultui

"Dominus tecum" audisti dicens, "fui tui."

Presentem conclusisti, tunc naturam sui,

Messiam invenisti de natura tui.

O celestis armonia, in hac junctione,

caro nostre cum sophia in unum persone;

qualiter ex qua via studeas colone,

hec sola mater novit pia et tu Jesu bone.

Mater heris Dei mundi redemptoris,

pia tu memento mei in extremis horis;

ne coartent mei rei, secum suis horis

et presentas faciei mei plasmatoris.


Rejoice, incomparable Virgin, mother of our Savior,

root of your people's life, shoot of the new flower.

From you he receives the drop of dew,

from which you bring forth a vessel of liquid

by virtue of which you hold the waters of the sea.

Speak, by that word which you conceived,

how from the angel's face you heard:

"The Lord is with you," saying, "I was yours."

You confined his presence, then his own nature,

you composed the Messiah from your own nature.

O heavenly harmony, in this union, our flesh with

wisdom in one person; all of this, pious mother,

you alone invented and you good Jesus.

Mother, heiress of God the redeemer of the world,

remember me, pious one, in my last hours;

may my defense not be confined, and you appear

with them in their hour to the face of my creator.



Virgo mater comprobaris matrem partus indicat,

claustrum ventris virginalis intactam te judicat.

Virginem cum divinalis natus ille benedicat,

celum, tellus, unda maris laudes tuas predicat.

Non est partus hic penalis qui matrem letificat.

Christus factus fraternalis sicut exemplificat.


Virgin mother you are attested, the birth declares the mother,

the enclosure of the virgin womb adjudges you undefiled.

When that divine one, born, blesses the virgin,

the heaven, the earth, the sea's waves make known your praises.

This birth is not a punishment, for it gladdens the mother.

Christ is made fraternal and this is our example.



Ave gemma celi luminarium.

Ave Sancti Spiritus sacrarium.


Hail, jewel of heaven's lights.

Hail, keeper of the Holy Spirit.



Magnficat regale (Fayrfax)


Magnificat anima mea Dominum, et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo.

Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae.

Ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes.

Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est, et sanctum nomen ejus.

Et misericordia ejus a progenie in progenies timentibus eum.

Fecit potentiam in brachio suo: dispersit superbos mente cordis sui.

Deposuit potentes de sede, et exaltavit humiles.

Esurientes implevit bonis, et divites dimisit inanes.

Suscepit Israel puerum suum, recordatus misericordiae suae.

Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, Abraham et semini ejus in saecula.

Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.

Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum.  Amen.


My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

For he has looked upon the lowliness of his handmaiden.

For behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

For he that is mighty has magnified me, and holy is his name.

And his mercy is on him that fears him throughout all generations.

He has shown strength with his arm: he has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

He has put down the mighty from their seat, and has exalted the humble and meek.

He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent empty away.

He has helped his servant Israel, remembering his mercy,

As he promised to our forefathers, Abraham and his seed, for ever.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen.



Viderunt fines terrae (Zieleński)


Viderunt omnes fines terrae salutare Dei nostri.  Alleluja.


All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.  Hallelujah.



Joseph lieber, Joseph mein


Joseph lieber, Joseph mein,

hilf mir wiegen mein Kindelein,

Gott, der wird dein Löhner sein

im Himmelreich, der Jungfrau Kind Maria.


Eya, eya. Virgo Deum genuit,

quem divina voluit clementia.


Omnes nunc concinite,

nato Regi psallite,

voce pia dicite:

sit gloria Christo nostro infantulo.


Hodie apparuit in Israel,

quem praedixit Gabriel, est natus Rex.


Joseph, dear, Joseph mine,

help me rock my darling child.

God will reward you

in Heaven, child of the Virgin Mary.


Eia, eia.  The Virgin gave birth to God,

whom heavenly mercy ordained.


Let all now sing together

and play to the newborn King;

with a holy voice, say:
Glory be to our infant child Christ.


Today he appears in Israel,

he whom Gabriel foretold, is born King.



Nato canunt omnia (Brumel)


Prima pars: Tenor


Joseph fili David, noli timere accipere Mariam conjugem tuam:

quod enim in ea natum est, de Spiritu Sancto, alleluia.  Noel.


O Joseph, son of David, do not fear to accept Mary as your spouse:

for indeed in her he is born of the Holy Spirit, hallelujah.  Noel.


Prima pars:


Nato canunt omnia

Domino pie agmina,

Sillabatim neumata

perstringendo organica.


Haec dies sacrata,

in qua nova sunt gaudia

mundo plena dedita.


Hac nocte praecelsa

intonuit et gloria

in voce angelica.


Fulserunt et immanua

nocte media

pastoribus lumina.


Dum fovent sua pecora,

subito diva

percipiunt monita.


Magnificatus est Rex pacificus super omnes reges universae terrae.


Angelus ad pastores ait:

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum:

quia natus est hodie Salvator mundi, alleluia.


Natus alma virgine, qui exstat ante saecula.  Noel.


Let rank upon rank now dutifully sing to their new-born Lord,

with music of instruments fitted to their words.


This is that holy day on which new joy is

Proclaimed to the whole world;


And on this night angel voices have sounded "Glory in the highest."


And in the dark night a great light has shone upon the shepherds.


While they tended their flocks, suddenly they heard the heavenly message.


Exalted is the King of peace over all the kings of the whole world.


The angel said to the shepherds:

I bring you tidings of great joy,

for today is born the Savior of the world, hallelujah.


He is born of the life-giving virgin, he who existed before the ages.  Noel.


Secunda pars: Tenor


Puer natus est nobis, et filius datus est nobis.


Exortus est in tenebris lumen rectis corde:

misericors et miserator, et justus Dominus.


A boy is born unto us, and a Son is given to us.


A light has arisen in the darkness with a right heart:

a merciful and pitying, and a just Lord.


Secunda pars:


Puer natus est nobis, et filius datus est nobis:

cujus imperium super humerum ejus:

et vocabitur nomen ejus, magni consilii Angelus.


Verbum caro factum est, et habitavit in nobis,

Et vidimus gloriam ejus, quasi Unigeniti a Patre,

plenum gratiae et veritatis.


Magnum nomen Domini Emmanuel,

Quod annunciatum est per Gabriel,


Hodie apparuit in Israel,

Per Mariam virginem et per Joseph.


Eia, eia! virgo Deum genuit,

sicut divina voluit clementia.


Pax in terra reddita nunc laetentur omnia nati per exordia.

Ipse sua pietate solvat omnia peccata nostra.  Alleluia.  Noel.


A boy is born unto us, and a Son is given to us,

whose authority is on his shoulder;

and his name is called, the Angel of great judgement.


The Word was made flesh, and lived among us;

and we have seen his glory, befitting the only-begotten of the Father,

full of grace and truth.


Great is the name of the Lord Emmanuel,

which was announced by Gabriel,


Today he has appeared in Israel,

by the virgin Mary and by Joseph.


Ah, ah!  a maiden brings forth God,

as divine mercy willed.


Peace is restored on earth; now let all rejoice in the newborn at the start.

By his very love, all our sins are cleared.



Eso rigor e repente (Fernandes)


Eso rigor e repente. 

Juro aqui se ni yo siquito. 

Que aunque nace poco branquito 

turu somo noso parente. 

No tememo branco grande. 

¡Tenle primo, tenle calje! 

Husihe husiha paraçia. 

Toca negriyo tamboritiyo. 

¡Canta parente! 



Sarabanda tenge que tenge, 

sum bacasu cucumbe.  

¡Ese noche branco seremo!

¡O Jesu que risa tenemo! 

¡O que risa Santo Tomé! 



Vamo negro de Guinea 

a lo pesebrito sola, 

no vamo negro de Angola 

que sa turu negla fea. 

Queremo que niño vea 

negro pulizo y galano, 

que como sa noso hermano 

tenemo ya fantasia. 

¡Toca viyano 

y follia baylaremo alegremente! 

Gargantiya regranate 

yegamo a lo siquitiyo, 

mantey ya, rebocico, 

confite, curubacate. 

Y de curiate faxu 

e la guante, camisa, 

capisayta de frisa, 

canutiyo de tabaco. 

¡Toca presa pero beyaco 

guitarria alegremente! 

¡Toca parente! 


That sudden hardship.

Certainly here I'm not favored.

But although the child was born a little white one,

we all amount to brothers.

We have no fear of the big white one.

Come on, cousin, put on your shoes,

get dressed!

Play, black children, play the little drum.

Sing, brothers and sisters!


Dance, make noise, have fun.

Sum bacasu cucumbe.

Tonight we'll all be white!

Oh Jesus, what laughter we have!

Oh what laughter, Saint Thomas!


Let's go, Guinean blacks,

to the little manger by ourselves.

Don't let the Angolan blacks go

because they're all ugly blacks.

We want the child to see

only polished and handsome blacks,

such as our brothers,

who have fine clothes.

Play a Spanish song

and gaily dance.

Necklaces of precious stones

we bring to the little one,

a mantilla and little shawl,

 candy and dried fruit.

And we bring a small sash,

gloves, shirt,

a little hooded cape made of wool,

and a little cane pipe for tobacco.

Play fast but skillfully

on the merry guitar.

Play, everybody!



Hombres, victoria, victoria (Guerrero)


¡Hombres, victoria, victoria!

que contra todo’l infierno,

el llorar d’un niño tierno

asegura nuestra gloria.


El sobresalto y la guerra

nasçió de nuestra cayda,

y agora Dios combida

con gloria y paz en la tierra.


Vida y alegre victoria

nos da apesar del infierno,

el llorar d’un niño tierno

asegura nuestra gloria.


Men, victory, victory!

for against all hell

a tender babe's cry

assures our glory.


Fright and war 

were born from our Fall,

and now God invites us

with glory and peace on earth.


Life and joyful victory

he gives us in spite of hell,

a babe's cry

assures our glory.    



Vamos al portal (Guerrero)


Vamos al portal

que vengo espantado

de ver un zagal,

cuya vista es tal,

que da luz al soto y al valle y al prado.


En el alta cumbre

me subi por ver

de qué pudo ser

tan divina lumbre.


Y vide un zagal

con su madre al lado,

Virgen celestial,

cuya vista es tal,

que da luz al soto y al valle y al prado.


Let us go to the stable,

for I was astonished

to see a child

whose countenance is such

that it lights the grove, the valley and the meadow.


To the high summit

I went up to see

whence could come

such a divine light.


And I saw a child

with his mother at his side,

a heavenly virgin

whose countenance is such

that it lights the grove, the valley and the meadow.   



O qué nueva (Guerrero)


¡O qué nueva, o gran bien!
Danos d’ese bien aviso,

qu’está hecho parayso

el pesebre de Belén.


¡Quién pensó que un pesebruelo,

donde un flaco buey comia,

un rato fuese tan çielo

como’l vientre de Maria!


¡Alegria, o gran bien!
Danos d’ese bien aviso,

qu’está hecho parayso

el pesebre de Belén.


Oh, what news, what a great boon!

Tell us of this boon,

that the manger of Bethlehem

has been made paradise.


Who would have thought that a little manger

where a scrawny ox was eating

in a moment would become as heavenly

as the womb of Mary!


Joy, o great boon!

Tell us of this boon,

that the manger of Bethlehem

has been made paradise.



Ave Maria (Parsons)


Ave Maria, gracia plena; Dominus tecum:

benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui.  Amen.


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee;

blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.  Amen.



Jouyssance Christmas CD

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